February 2016

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  • Daphne’s Deliberations 10/2/16

    Hello Darlings, We have started 2 rehearsals a week now and our esteemed Prompter shouted that we were starting which resulted in some very disparaging comments from Martyn B comparing her with a rather un-salubrious erstwhile person of his acquaintence. Gordon continued the comparision leading to very ‘strong’ language. I’m afraid we all laughed and […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations 3/2/16

    Hello Darlings, Daphne here reporting on our recent rehearsal. Today we concentrated on Act 1. Martyn B was once again doing his singing and dancing (in his role of Timothy) – I’m sure he thinks he’s Fred Astaire. Martin O’Leary plays the part of (the script says….) a handsome man about town (What!!!! Mmm – […]