July 2016

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  • Sister Mary Lazarus’ Blog 23rd July

    Hi all you cool dudes out there – it’s Mary Lazarus here, the swinging sister who’s hot as a blister (sorry this rapping lark is taking me over). I’m reporting on rehearsals of the 20th and 24th. As you all know we are putting on a show with Sister Mary Clarence called Sister Act to […]

  • Sister Mary Au Contaire’s blog 20th July 2016

    Fellow Sisters and Parishioners’, This is Sister Mary Au Contaire, I have some disturbing news, Sister Holly Lewya has been transferred to another convent. Mother Superior and Sister Mary Lazarus have tried to keep in quiet but they are forgetting I trained in the French Resistance before becoming a nun and I still have the […]

  • Sister Mary Lazarus’ Blog 20th July 2016

    I would like to draw your attention my dear friends and followers to a blog written by a certain Sister Holly Lewya ( a weak pseudonym I feel), I have already discovered her identity, having spent the last 60 years in perpetual meditation I have a razor like  brain and so I had a word […]

  • Sister Holly Lewya’s blog 10th July

    Hello, this is Sister Holly Lewya secretly typing away in the cloisters to take advantage of writing a guest blog to run alongside Sister Mary Lazarus. Sister Laz, as we like to call her, (behind her back mind you; never to her face) can reduce the strongest of us to our knees in repentance with […]

  • Sister Mary Lazarus blog 10th July

    Hi all you saints and sinners, Its your rapping nun here reporting on the rehearsal for Sister Act held on the 6th and 10th July. Wednesday stated with “It’s Great to Be a Nun” – this song has the nuns coming in at different times all through it so we were bound to come in […]

  • Sister Mary Lazarus Blog 3/7/16

    Hi everybody, It’s your nun who’s full of fun here reporting on rehearsals for Sister Act held on Wednesday and Sunday 03.07.16. Wednesday was our usual singing with David but first the nuns and Dolores showed the rest of the cast what we had been taught by Helen up to now and to see what […]

  • Sister Mary Lazarus blog 26th June

    Hi everybody, Your favourite nun with the dodgy habit here reporting on rehearsals for Sister Act on Wednesday 22.06.16 and Sunday 26.06.16. Wednesday saw us trying to impress David with our moves for Raise Your Voice and Take me to Heaven but I’m afraid we seemed to have forgotten a lot that Helen taught us […]