Sister Mary Au Contaire’s blog 20th July 2016

Fellow Sisters and Parishioners’,

This is Sister Mary Au Contaire, I have some disturbing news, Sister Holly Lewya has been transferred to another convent. Mother Superior and Sister Mary Lazarus have tried to keep in quiet but they are forgetting I trained in the French Resistance before becoming a nun and I still have the skills to solve mysteries.

It grieves me to inform you that the convent Sister Holly has gone to is in Mongolia where she will spend her days shearing mountain sheep and milking goats. I’ve heard that this country has long cold winters and short cold summers which won’t suit her at all as she suffers from chilblains and always has a runny nose.

I wanted to raise my concerns to Mother Superior but Sister Mary Theresa,  our oldest nun; who doesn’t usually say much persuaded me not too; after all there are rumours that our beloved church may be for sale which means we must all work together to save it. She also thinks that Mother Superior is a little afraid of Sister Mary Lazarus, I don’t see if myself.

I hope to keep you updated of events along with Sister Mary Lazarus (never thought I’d see the day we would work together on a project )

Take care fellow sisters and keep the faith.
Sister Mary Au Contraire.

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