Sister Mary Lazarus blog 10th July

Hi all you saints and sinners,

Its your rapping nun here reporting on the rehearsal for Sister Act held on the 6th and 10th July. Wednesday stated with “It’s Great to Be a Nun” – this song has the nuns coming in at different times all through it so we were bound to come in at the wrong time sometimes until we learnt it. I, personally, am not sure it is ‘good to be a nun’ as the food is terrible, theres no telly and more importantly no booze.
I’m proud, however, about my fellow nuns as their singing has come on leaps and bounds due (I’m loathe to say – Lord forgive me!!) to Deloris van Cartier or should I say Sister Mary Clarence as she is known to us. The nuns blend in together – we did Sunday Morning Fever with everyone coming in with their own parts and very well to – thank you for receiving my ‘rapping’ so well – I was really touched (no sarky comments please!!!) – great rehearsal David, thanks.

Sun brought 3 hours of rehearsal with Helen – Raise Your Voice still needs working on whilst Take Me To Heaven is finished now and will be repeated each rehearsal so it sticks in our brains (fat chance with mine). Sunday Morning Fever next and, oh boy, what a lot of moves to remember. Sometimes Helen is jumping up and down with joy,others screaming with frustration. DOn’t worry Helen -we’ll get there.

Ticket orders are coming in fast so don’t delay in getting YOUR orders in.

I’ve heard that other nuns may be having an input as additional comments in this series of blogs to say how they find rehearsals and more importantly myself, Sister Mary Lazarus. All I can say is I’m the one and only original so watch what you say you lot – I’m small (but vicious)

God bless you all,

Your (former) choir leader
Sister Mary Lazarus (aka Anne Malpass in my former life)

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