Sister Mary Lazarus blog 14th June

Hi Everyone,
Sister Mary Lazarus here, your nun on the run reporting on the latest news from our Sister Act rehearsals held on the 8th and 12th June.
There is so much to learn with script and music but it’s such fun doing so, This week’s swot is Mark Lloyd our Monsignor O’Hara he says he has learned his first act, He needs to work on his Irish accent…

MD David spent a lot of time on “Sunday Morning Feeling “and “Raise your Voice” just two of the many great songs in the show.
Martin O’leary brought some of his lovely homemade cakes which went down great with a cuppa made by our resident trolley dollies Cath and Margaret.

Sunday’s rehearsal saw the nuns rehearsing the choir practice scene under the direction of Helen. I have to get rather annoyed in this scene as that horrible woman Deloris Van Cartier (played by Debbie Smith) tries to take over my rehearsal and after all I am the choir leader complete with baton! I mean, she has a nerve seeing as she is a common night club singer on the run from gangsters and hiding in our convent as Sister Mary Clarence.
I am not impressed that my fellow sisters seem to have been taken in by her!

Although I have to admit I have a grudging admiration for her by the end of the choir rehearsal.
I can tell you it isn’t easy to act all innocent and pious but everyone seems to be very good at it, well, it does come natural to me (ha ha).
Well I’ll finish for now and until next time – don’t get into any bad habits…..
Bless you all, Sister Mary Laz.

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