Sister Mary Lazarus Blog 19th June 2016

Hello again to all my friends in the congregation, it’s your nun on the run reporting on rehearsals for Sister Act held on Wednesday 15th June and Sunday 19th June.

We started Wednesday rehearsal by going over “Raise your Voice” music and lib. Some people are almost off book at this stage (no pressure on me then). I can’t stand people with working brain cells!

MY choir doesn’t sound much better, if anything they sound worse than ever!! And yet Helen is delighted with the awful din they make??? All in all a very good rehearsal with Helen and David.

Helen took Sunday’s rehearsal and we ran through Raise your Voice again, I think the script is finally starting to penetrate my brain, we did more movement and at one point we were running around the room waving our arms wildly in the air, we were definitely nuns on the run at that point!
Then we progressed to “Take me the Heaven” More Latin for me to learn, Argh!! Lots of movement to that as well and we haven’t done all of it yet….
Mark Lloyds Irish accent has improved. We all worked hard and it was an enjoyable rehearsal.

We are planning to do a sponsored “Nun Fun Run” sometime in September and hope all of our cast will be able to take part; it should be a good laugh seeing nuns, monsignors and fathers running or walking in my case along the sea front. More details will be posted on our face book pages when arrangements are confirmed.

Well, that’s all for now. God bless you all.
Sister Mary Lazarus
Previously known as Anne. x

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