Sister Mary Lazarus’ Blog 20th July 2016

I would like to draw your attention my dear friends and followers to a blog written by a certain Sister Holly Lewya ( a weak pseudonym I feel), I have already discovered her identity, having spent the last 60 years in perpetual meditation I have a razor like  brain and so I had a word with that police officer Sweaty Eddie (cruel parents to name a kid Sweaty) who always seems to be in Mother Superiors office and he lifted finger prints from my typewriter.

Let’s just say I don’t think you will be hearing form Sister Holly Lewya again after the cynical comments about your beloved Sister Mary Lazurus. Ha, I don’t think any of the sisters are brave enough to follow, I mean for instance Sister Mary Roberts is afraid of her own shadow, Mary Patrick, well, that dear nun is on another planet but she’s happy, too darn happy if you ask me. We live in a convent not a theme park!! As for Mary Martin of tours, It’s time she retired to Tours, she hardly understands English so she’ll be fine in France.

I’ve had a cunning idea for the week of the show Ladies, we can wear rollers under our wimples like Maria in Sound of Music and we can record our songs on our phones and hide them in the habits. Don’t worry about Helen and David finding out, they are far too busy to read this.
So, sisters, if you think you’re brave enough (or foolish enough) bring it on……… by the way, has anyone seen Sister Holly Lewya this week????

Bless you all
Sister Mary LAZARUS.
P.S. if you haven’t yet got your tickets for this spectacular show you’d better hurry they are going quicker than the few soft cushions we had donated for the hard wooden  church pews.

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