Sister Mary Lazarus blog 26th June

Hi everybody,

Your favourite nun with the dodgy habit here reporting on rehearsals for Sister Act on Wednesday 22.06.16 and Sunday 26.06.16.

Wednesday saw us trying to impress David with our moves for Raise Your Voice and Take me to Heaven but I’m afraid we seemed to have forgotten a lot that Helen taught us and we weren’t very good so she wasn’t very impressed.

David was sure our singing and movement will be fine. We must have gone over it 3 or 4 times.

Lovely cake form Martin O’leary as usual, he really does spoil us as the grub in the convent is horrible.

Sunday rehearsal made a few changes to Raise your Voice and we went over it a few times. Helen seemed quite excited at some parts so that means we are good!!! And back in her good books.

The tallest members of the cast are always in the back row and so when Helen said she wanted the tallest at the front for the next section Chris was the first one to move, I’ve never seen her move so fast!

Helen had us doing some very precise movements at the end and if they are done well it will be a great finish to Act 1. By the time rehearsals finished we were very warm and shattered and David expects us to hold the last few notes on for 13 beats after all that moving around!! I think some of us may need a personal trainer to accomplish that. Helen keeps warning us that we will be very hot on stage due to wearing the nun’s habits and with the stage lights. I think the minimum of clothing will be worn underneath the habits.

I will leave you with that thought until next time. God bless you all,

Sister Mary Laz the fun nun formally known as Anne.

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