Sister Mary Lazarus Blog 3/7/16

Hi everybody,
It’s your nun who’s full of fun here reporting on rehearsals for Sister Act held on Wednesday and Sunday 03.07.16. Wednesday was our usual singing with David but first the nuns and Dolores showed the rest of the cast what we had been taught by Helen up to now and to see what we could remember. Unfortunately what you think you know at home gets forgotten at rehearsal. Helen’s face was a picture.

David went over songs we have done so far and we concentrated on “Sunday Morning Fever” but there’s so much to learn that words, moves and music are racing around my head and bumping into each other.
Sunday was Helen’s rehearsal; most of the nuns were there though some had hangovers after the BBQ the night before. Helen is always emphasising to us that we have to exaggerate our facial expressions and arm movements as most of our bodies are hidden by a voluminous habit. A good idea especially in my case!

We have started our moves for “Sunday Morning fever” but still have a long way to go. I wish my arms and legs would coordinate with my brain. Helen thinks she sees broad smiles on our faces but really it is sheer terror, well I know mine is…

I will finish by telling you a big secret so keep it to yourselves but our Monsignor (Mark Lloyd) is moonlighting at Sunderland Empire as a programme seller and one of nuns (Sue Abraham) is working there as an ice cream seller, I’m not sure I can tell you what I moonlight as because I’m not sure it can be published…

Till next time God bless you all
Sister Mary Lazarus
Formerly known as Anne M.

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