Sister Mary Lazarus Blog 9/10/16

Hallo everybody, this is your nun on the run here!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately as I’ve been in solitary confinement all because Mother Superior said I answered her back and resorted to ‘innappropriate dancing’ – as if…
Rehearsals for our production, “Sister Act” which we are putting on to raise money for our convent (Ed. Note – no we’re not its to help MTG raise monies for our next productions – off to confession for you Sister…..) are almost at an end because it’s ‘showtime’ from Tuesday 18th Oct.

There are lots of gansters running around and I’m sure it has a lot to do with Sister Mary Clarence but I have to say they’ve met their match if they try to mess with the ‘Sisterhood’.

I’ve noticed some of our sisters slipping out of the convent and I’m sure (and equally appalled) that they’re going to that seedy nightclub over the road. It really is a ‘dive’ with the most horrid juke box and shady patrons – not that I’VE ever been, I mean…. I’ve been told….. So I’ve heard…. allegedly……
It’s rumoured also that Sister Mary Young has been moonlighting there as a stripper and has dragged the other nuns across with her – and the truth of the matter is that Sister Mary Ward isn’t on retreat but has had plastic surgery at a clinic in Horden.

My blog editor, Gordon Richardson, has called me an old ruin amongst other things (Ed. Note – that’s only to your face – should hear what I call you behind your back…) I’m also insulted all the time by Brian Hardy who has the nerve to be playing the POPE!!!

I would like to thank all the talented people working on and off the stage for all the fun and laughs I’ve had and especially for reading my blog.

Well done to Helen and David – sorry my Latin’s still rusty (Ed. Note – you should try using it more – like your tongue – that works OK….)

God Bless you all and ‘Spread the Love Around’.

Til the next time – whatever my persona will be

Lots of Love from the ‘sister that’s as hot as a blister’

Sister Mary Lazarus – aka Anne Malpass

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