Sister Mary Lazurus Blog August 20th

Hi All you saints and sinners – it’s the ‘nun on the run’, Sister mary Lazurus fresh from my ‘retreat’ to our mother house convent in Dawdon high street.

Things have been hotting up but I simply had to find time to tell you the latest from our show “Sister Act”. We will almost certainly make enough money to keep our little convent open. Cough up – otherwise I’ll come to your house and sing at you….

Even Monsignor and Mother Superior  are getting caught up in the excitement of it all. Of course I’m not one to gossip [Ed. comment – Not much!!! – Sister Mary Pinocchio nose!!!] but they have been sitting very cosily together lately.

We have been doing a lot of work lately with our maestro David – he enjoys himself very much when he sings in for absent people – he especially likes to fill in for sister Mary Clarence – come to think of it have you ever seen them together in the same room???? David knows Latin which comes in useful as the nuns use a lot of it and he tells us the correct pronunciation. We have rehearsed a lot of new songs as well as going over old one.

‘Spread the Love Around’ is a fast bouncy song and no doubt Helen our director has some funky moves in place for us. See I’m getting to know all the modern words [Ed. comment – despite being at least 106 years old…..]

There is a dramatic scene at the end of the show but I can only give a hint by saying it involves gangsters, nuns and guns.

So ’til the next time – God bless you all from your sister who’se as hot as a blister

Sister Mary Lazarus (aka Anne Malpass)

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