• Daphne’s Deliberations 7/3/16

    Hello my dears, Things are happening so fast now, one can hardly keep up – so lets try and catch up with the last few rehearsals. I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect’ outfit as I need to look my best as well as the bride – I have my reputation to maintain. Christine, our […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations 21/2/16

    Hello Darlings, Daphne Drimmond her reporting. We are now running th play from beginning to end  and trying to put our scripts down – often with hilarious results of cues missed, lines mixed up and props juggled and dropped. Steve White stood in for Helen Abraham during her holidays and I must say Gordon has […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations 10/2/16

    Hello Darlings, We have started 2 rehearsals a week now and our esteemed Prompter shouted that we were starting which resulted in some very disparaging comments from Martyn B comparing her with a rather un-salubrious erstwhile person of his acquaintence. Gordon continued the comparision leading to very ‘strong’ language. I’m afraid we all laughed and […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations 3/2/16

    Hello Darlings, Daphne here reporting on our recent rehearsal. Today we concentrated on Act 1. Martyn B was once again doing his singing and dancing (in his role of Timothy) – I’m sure he thinks he’s Fred Astaire. Martin O’Leary plays the part of (the script says….) a handsome man about town (What!!!! Mmm – […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations 15/01/16

    Hello Darlings, Its Daphne here reporting on our play rehearsal held on Sunday 10.01.16. We mainly concentrated on Act 2 where Timothy has another knock on the head and now thinks its 1926 and he is married to Polly. Mr Babcock the bridegroom’s father (played by Steve White) makes his appearance now. His Australian accent […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations Jan 1st 2016

    Hello Darlings, I do hope you had a fabulous Christmas. I had a wonderful one staying with friends in Mexico and Barbados and that’s the reason for my late blog. Anyway, I made a few witty observations from our last rehearsal held on Sunday 27th December. We had a couple of people missing; Martin O’Leary […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations w/c 13/12/15

    Hello Darling’s, I’m back – yes you motley crew on the play! You may well quake in your boots, Daphne has returned!! I have been relaxing at a spa (Seaham Hall) to calm my nerves and NOT sharpening my tongue as Gordon Richardson said, Thank you anyway Gordon for filling in for me. We are […]

  • Daphne’s Deliberations w/c 23-11-2015

    Hi Everyone, Yes it’s ‘Me’ again – your roving reporter Anne, resident registrar of Murton Theatre Group. I am starting up my blog again to report on the play we have recently started to rehearse – a comedy farce named “There Goes the Bride” which will be performed Wed 16th to Fri 18th March 2016 […]