Daphne’s Deliberations Jan 1st 2016

Hello Darlings,
I do hope you had a fabulous Christmas. I had a wonderful one staying with friends in Mexico and Barbados and that’s the reason for my late blog.
Anyway, I made a few witty observations from our last rehearsal held on Sunday 27th December.
We had a couple of people missing; Martin O’Leary and Amy Holden. Martin is another one with a caustic sense of humour but Amy is very sweet; she’s a lot like me really. I will severely deal with all who I hear laughing!

As usual Martyn B and I shared some fond moments together; Am I really as nasty as he makes me out to be? Answer that at your peril….I mean, I only said he his eyes were to close together and that is why he is perfect for the part. Why Ursula (Helen) married him I’ll never know but she gives as good as she gets; like her mother.

My husband Gerald (Brian Hardy) is really battier than ever, he got into trouble twice from the director (Gordon) for showing his backside to the audience; he really must get treatment for that!
Our prompter Christine was filling in for the absent cast members as was Gordon, mind you, at times he got carried away and was taking on both parts. Love the female voice Gordon but very confusing for poor Christine but she copes as usual.

Well, I’ll leave you now my loyal fans and I will be reporting on the next rehearsal to be held on Sunday 3rd January. I shall have to cut short my stay at Seaham Hall to attend as you know I’m so dedicated to the arts.

Happy new year to you all from all from Murton Theatre Group and of course me darlings…

Love Daphne (Alias Anne your roving reporter).

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