Daphne’s Deliberations w/c 13/12/15

Hello Darling’s, I’m back – yes you motley crew on the play! You may well quake in your boots, Daphne has returned!!

I have been relaxing at a spa (Seaham Hall) to calm my nerves and NOT sharpening my tongue as Gordon Richardson said, Thank you anyway Gordon for filling in for me.

We are progressing quite nicely and the cast are getting into their characters, some I think more than others… for example Timothy (my son–in-law) played by Martyn Banks pulled my wedding corsage off with such vigour he almost ripped a hole in my expensive Julian Macdonald suit! Then he had the nerve to hug me and tell me he loves me really, Well!

My daughter Ursula played by Helen Abraham should never have married him; she has the patience of a saint. Mind you, Bill (Martin O’Leary) Timothy’s best friend and business partner isn’t much better and I suspect he is losing the plot at times as his behaviour is most odd.

I have to say Polly (the imaginary flapper played by Amy Holden) and my Granddaughter Judy (Elizabeth Baker) are really sweet and doing well in their first play. Good Gracious, I hope I’m not softening in my old age!

Finally before I end I really ought to mention my husband Gerald ( Brian Hardy) who I’m afraid is a bit of a bumbling old fool and he really has lost the plot. (no change there Brian eh?) I suppose I’m really quite fond of him.

Ah, well enough of my ranting I have a nail and hair appointment to attend.

Bye for now Daphne

(Alias your roving reporter Anne.)


  1. I think Daphne is mellowing – do my eyes deceive me or did she just say ‘thank you’ to Gordon – it must be the pre-Christmas spirit altering her acerbic nature…..

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